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Lake Champlain's Crab Island

Crab Island is a tree-covered, uninhabited island north of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain, also known as the sixth Great Lake. Crab Island played an essential role in the War of 1812, and Associate Real Estate Broker Jim LaValley is pleased to have had some direct involvement in ensuring that the island was put into public protection.
In 1986, Crab Island was purchased by a New Jersey businessman that outbid the State of New York on the purchase. When the businessman decided to sell it, Jim was working with a large land company that decided that they would pursue the purchase of it. The property was being advertised and was placed in the Clinton County MLS at that time.
After meeting with the listing agent, an offer was prepared subject to further research about the island. There were a few things that were quickly discovered – there was a large amount of poison ivy on the island and there was a unique monument. It was also discovered that the State of New York had been beaten out of purchasing the island by the New Jersey owner and that the island had historical significance. After further research, it was overwhelming to learn that there were buried soldiers on the island. That changed the direction of the island's future, and an effort was initiated to pressure the owner to sell it to the State of New York. And in 1988, the New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation created Crab Island, State Park.
A small monument to 143 men who died in the Battle of Plattsburgh, and who was buried on the island can be found on the northern end of the island.

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